Mixing It Up With Brand Expert Alysia Dailey

Episode 3 of my marketing podcast, Mix it Up, is all about branding. I speak with my good friend brand expert Alysia Dailey. Alysia owns her own branding agency, Afox Creative, and has developed the brands for a wide variety of clients. I’ve included her bio below, and feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn here and on her website here. You can contact Alysia via email at alysia@afoxcreative.com

About Alysia: 

Alysia Dailey is the Founder and Creative Director of Afox Creative, a branding agency in Jacksonville Florida. She graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s in marketing and business and started her marketing career in the tech industry before exploring brand strategy. From her start in 2012, she now has an amazing team of big picture thinkers, passionate designers, and creative nerds. If you are looking for an agency that can help you discover a brand that will differentiate you, speak to your target customers, drive action, and assure your marketing strategy performs at its highest level, that’s us.

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