Corporate Culture: Small Businesses and Corporate Retreats

I work at a small company and serve as their entire marketing department. In early January of this year our company held its first company retreat at the Omni resort in Amelia Island. The company leaders felt their large sales goals for the coming year required a meeting of department heads to gather and re-examine the company’s mission and vision, past sales numbers and marketing efforts. We did a SWOT analysis of our company and evaluated feedback from our customers from an end of year survey I had sent out. 

I crafted a marketing plan for 2021 and was able to present it at the retreat. I thought it was extremely beneficial to have this time to explain to other department heads the full details of our marketing plan for the coming year and the environment only added to the enthusiasm and critical feedback I received. In between round table style meetings we had team building activities and meals together. 

This story illustrates my main point which is that businesses on every level from the largest corporation to a small business with staff of 3 need to focus on strategic planning and foster a strong corporate culture.

  As I have stated before, I work at an extremely small company. I have been at the company for over three years and this is the first time we have done something on this scale. I have no doubt we will meet and possibly exceed our goals for 2021.

We left the retreat with an invigorated team spirit and an excellent plan for our company’s growth in the coming year. It is evident to me that companies both large and small need to make the effort to hold events such as this for their staff. If a small business wants to compete with larger corporations they must think like a larger company and make the effort to go the extra mile in team building and company planning.

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