Why video content is at the top of my company’s 2021 marketing priorities

I currently work as the Marketing Coordinator for EXIT 1 Stop Realty and recently we put together and implemented our 2021 marketing plan and put a focus on video as one of our priorities. We had already begun implementing a system of weekly videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram last year with some success.

Our plan for this year was to take the quality of the video content to the next level.

Our latest video for our YouTube channel

My company is in the real estate industry, which is one that is inundated with virtual content from almost every realtor actively working today and some of the video content put out by individual realtors and real estate teams is exceptional. However we have a fairly unique edge: my company is a real estate brokerage which employs over 60 active agents and we have a unique brand and digital media presence which I have actively tried to build over the past few years.

Our first task to improve our video content this year was to hire a professional videographer and to seek out a freelancer on Fiverr to recreate our company’s YouTube intro and outro with our company’s brand.

I decided to emphasize aspects that make our company unique in our video projects since they began but this year we are actively holding video shoots in our office that display real estate expertise from a wide variety of our agents.

Our team of agents are incredibly diverse, each has their own unique personality and brand which may or may not appeal to a wide variety of potential real estate customers. Video allows us to showcase this diversity of our agents in a positive way and directly target potential home buyers and sellers via social media ads after the video series are released. We know that video content can create the emotional connection with our agents to the community that we are looking to use to further establish our brand of being the brokerage with the Northeast Florida real estate experts.

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