How I Use My Career History, Heritage and Experience as a Brand Asset

I have been able to develop many key aspects of my personal brand in order to further establish my marketing goals. One important element in the makeup of my brand assets is my history, heritage and experience. This has played a key role in the development of my brand. 

One of the main points-of-difference in my personal brand is my media background, more specifically my time as a features writer, editor and NPR reporter. My background in journalism has given me a specific set of skills, such as narrative writing, news content production and more. These skills set me apart from other marketers who develop content for omni channel marketing campaigns. 

My media background, combined with years of experience in marketing, are essential building blocks that help me to establish brand credibility. In order to display this, my website features marketing insights I have gained from the wide variety of the projects I have completed over the years as a Marketing Coordinator in addition to my media section. 

My media experience has particularly helped me to produce creative content for content marketing on my company blog, Top of the Coast and email newsletters. My narrative writing skills have also come in handy in creating compelling content for social media. This brings me to the next question which is: has this brand positioning been successful in distinguishing me from my peers in marketing? 

I launched my website in February of this year. I have been able to measure my brand performance since that time period in a variety of ways which I will discuss below. 

I have been able to look at the built in statistics from my website platform, WordPress, to see a consistent increase in the number of viewers of my website over time. I also have been able to look at analytics from a variety of marketing campaigns I have launched over the past few months. I have been able to measure the success of my email marketing campaigns in HubSpot, Google Analytics to measure the success of my Google search and display ads, and finally, I have been able to measure my brand performance by an increase in my LinkedIn page views and connections. The data from these platforms aids me in measuring the impact assets I have utilized, such as my history, on my overall brand.

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