The Importance of Considering the Intangible and Emotional Benefits of a Brand  

Marketers should devote a significant amount of time and research into developing the right brand attitude, because in this digital age consumers seek a deeper emotional connection with a brand, and that type of connection plays an important role in gaining consumer brand loyalty. 

In today’s digital age consumers are exposed to a constant flow of data and content across multiple channels daily. Therefore, consumers can easily experience content overload which will cause them to quickly tune out a brand’s message if the content lacks an emotional layer to draw consumers in. A fully developed brand attitude, if used correctly, helps a brand consistently connect with their target consumers over time which leads to a lasting emotional impact where it counts the most-in the minds of their target audience.

 Brands can accomplish this by carefully crafting the theme, tone and language of their content and keeping it consistently in line with their core personality. I am a huge proponent of brands utilizing extensive research and customer feedback to keep on top of the sentiments of their target markets.

A way that brands can accomplish this is by focusing on key subjects, themes and images that consistently reinforce their brand emotional benefits. Most of my marketing experience has been for consumer services, and I have found that these types of benefits are even more important for companies that fall into this category as these companies have no physical product to do some of the work for them.

I have marketed for a Florida real estate brokerage, EXIT 1 Stop Realty for four years and our consumer services product strategy includes a variety of intangible and emotional benefits that our brand offers. The subjects of home and family are core themes that are consistently emphasized. Our brand is family oriented, and our marketing strategy focuses on reflecting this theme. For example, we have marketing that showcases a variety of families moving into their homes or enjoying quality time together at home. A tagline we use with these images is “real estate is what we do, families are why we do it.”

Also, if a brand markets its products in a specific geographic area it is advisable to establish an emotional connection with the local area and the local personality. It has been my experience that localized content creates deeper emotional connections and establishes a greater bond with a brand in the eyes of their target local market.  EXIT 1 Stop Realty markets mainly to the Northeast Florida area so I am always publishing content that connects with Jacksonville and its surrounding cities. The blog I created for them, Top of the Coast, is designed to showcase the art of living on the First Coast. I consistently highlight local restaurants, businesses, and events.

Recently I have collaborated with a group of marketers to re-brand a Florida motel that has deep historical ties to the surfing industry. As part of our brand redesign, we are focusing on incorporating the surfer attitude and culture into the brand personality. It is important that our brand design incorporates intangible elements that connect with the surfer lifestyle and community to display our product in the best light possible in the minds of one of our key market segments. The attitude, style and personality of this brand is completely different from that of other brands I market for, like EXIT 1 Stop Realty, but the methodology behind building the core brand attitude is the same. It has been my experience that incorporating the emotional and intangible assets of a brand is essential to create a further emotional connection with the brand’s target consumers.

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