Why Video Storytelling Works and How I’m Using it in a Recent Project 

One of the advantages of my background in journalism is that I know how to craft a narrative. I have utilized my storytelling skills over the four years that I have been the head of Marketing at a Florida real estate brokerage, EXIT 1 Stop Realty. During my time at the company, I have attempted to use engaging content to build a unique brand and dynamic digital media presence. One of the key reasons this effort has been so important is because in today’s digital age, audiences can experience content and data overload that numbs them to mediocre, cookie-cutter digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, marketers need tools such as exceptional content with the added benefit of an emotional connection, all of which can be done through storytelling. 

One of the most powerful mediums to showcase brand stories is video. One of the benefits of telling stories through the video medium is that it allows for the display of authentic emotions, thus allowing for a more impactful connection with consumer audiences. This deeper display of emotion enhances a marketer’s narrative in a powerful way. Another benefit of video content is that it allows for the story to be enhanced through using additional tools such as music and creative editing techniques.

This year I oversaw the company’s launch of a social media videos series of agents telling stories of why they love working at our company. The video series showcases our agents telling their personal stories of why they love being an agent at our brokerage and has been published on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and in email marketing campaigns. This brand story campaign has been part of our effort to reach a key target audience, real estate agent recruits. This video series has allowed the company to communicate the benefits of becoming an EXIT 1 Stop agent in a truly significant, impactful way. To sum it up: brand storytelling is one of the most powerful tools a marketer can have in their content toolkit, and although stories can be told effectively in a variety of mediums, video has unique benefits to help marketers craft and enhance their narratives.  

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