Personalization: Highlights from My Marketer’s Toolkit

Personalization has become an important tool for digital marketers. Marketers can use data and AI to optimize their ad campaigns to create a more personalized customer journey and ultimately convert more digital leads. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways which includes techniques such as micro targeting and segmentation, niche-based content marketing, and digital advertising based on consumer data. As the head of marketing at a Florida real estate brokerage I have used personalization effectively in email marketing campaigns, content marketing and paid search ads.

My current email marketing campaign for my company, the Door to Door in 904 news, is an email newsletter that is designed primarily to recruit Northeast, Florida real estate agents. All of the content and branding of the email is designed with that customer base in mind. The email marketing platform I use is called Flodesk, and it allows for more enhanced personalization and segmentation options which I use in the Door to Door in 904 news. I also designed our company blog, Top of the Coast, as a brand that appeals to those who are thinking of moving to Northeast Florida or already live in the area. All of the content is centered around topics that relate to local neighborhoods, businesses, events and topics of interest.

Lastly, I run multiple paid search ad campaigns using Google Ads on a monthly basis. Each campaign is crafted for the specific farm area, a real estate marketing term which describes a geographical location of homes, neighborhood or niche area. The key words, location and demographics are customized for each agent for each campaign.These are just a few of the many examples of how personalization works to aid digital marketers to craft more effective campaigns. The important thing to keep in mind is that customer data and research is an essential component of personalization, and the better the data is, the easier it is for us marketers to apply personalization tactics.

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