Mixing it Up with Content and Marketing Strategist Sue Lopez

Get exclusive insights and wisdom in my marketing podcast, Mix it Up. In my first episode, I interview Marketing Strategist Sue Lopez, from SunLu Consulting about developing a digital marketing strategy, working with clients, and more.  You can view more about her background on her LinkedIn profile here

Lopez has an extensive career in marketing and started her own company in 2016. She states, “I started SunLu Consulting as a one-woman shop in 2016 and have continuously worked to create a process to help small to mid-size businesses succeed with their marketing. My clients have included Sauza tequila, Victory Van Corporation, MMBouffard Accounting, and universities in the United States and Mexico. My specialty is assisting organizations at the beginning of their marketing journey. I help them understand the competitive landscape, audit their current digital assets, adjust and create digital assets as needed, and ultimately design a strategy that fits their business goals.” 

Lopez gives insights into common misconceptions she hears when working with new clients. She states, “normally when I start talking about their website people are taken aback. Your website is where you’re driving all of your traffic. Your website can’t just be good, it has to be great. It has to be easy to find information, to request information, easy for customers to call you, and a lot of times it’s just not like that.” She explains what it takes to optimize a website, more about new tech in marketing, and advice for young marketers in my podcast so make sure to check it out on SoundCloud. 

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