My Daily Data Routine to Stay on Top of Industry Trends

In the digital age things in the marketing industry move and evolve at a rapid pace. It is important for marketers to stay on top of the latest industry data and trends. I have a few areas that I go to as part of my morning work routine where I gain industry data and insights. I’ve highlighted three of them below. 

MY (AMA) Daily  

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has an abundance of resources for marketers. They have published reports, trends, academic journals and white papers available for marketers. They also have a great e newsletter, my AMA Daily, which drops the latest industry news and insights on a daily basis into my inbox. I have definitely gained valuable information by making scanning their newsletter part of my daily work routine. 


Digiday is a great organization with resources for those in the media and marketing industry. Their website has several areas to gain data and resources such as podcasts, culture and brands insights, videos, news and access to Digiday plus for paid subscribers has even more information for those in these fields. They also have a great daily e newsletter which I subscribe to called Digiday Daily. Some of the latest and most important news and insights in the digital media and marketing fields are incorporated into their newsletter.

Instagram/Other Social Media Influencers 

I work as a marketer in the real estate industry and some of the most valuable data and insights I have received is from social listening on different social media platforms, especially Instagram. I follow industry influencers and brands like Agent Crate, other real estate brokerages, and influencers like Joanna Gaines in the home and hospitality industry to get fresh design ideas, see what is trending or simply to get inspired by what others are doing on social media in my industry. I have got some of my best ideas by being inspired after examining accounts such as these. 

No matter where you go to get your data it’s important to incorporate visiting a few “go to” places into your daily work routine. The benefits of this practice will pay off dividends in the success of your future marketing campaigns and projects.

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