How Research Helped My Company Transform Our Brand

I am the marketing coordinator for a real estate brokerage in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the four years in my position I have been part of a team that has given the company an extensive brand makeover. I used research to guide the decision making process every step of the way. Some of the key ways I have done this are highlighted below. 

Brand Redesign 

In January of 2020 the company’s core leadership met to begin the process of redesigning the company’s brand. I brought research on several design aspects I admired from other brands to the table. I was particularly inspired by the design elements of the marketing from Compass realty and that influenced our new brand’s design.

Storefront Redesign to Reflect Our Brand 

In the summer of 2019 my company moved its office location and we began the process of completely redesigning our store front. We did extensive research to redesign our office with our brand theme. One of the things we used for our research was EXIT Realty’s Look Book. We also incorporated design aspects from other offices we admired in Jacksonville. The redesign of our storefront also reflects the new brand design.


Email Marketing/Web Redesign 

We also completely redesigned our website and incorporated a variety of aspects from our research. We also consulted with an expert who was able to incorporate several unique features into our site, including animated text, gifs and a lead generation form. All of these elements reflect the new brand.

One of my main tasks in 2021 is to revamp our email marketing program. I recently found a fantastic new platform, called Flodesk, which allows me to craft a variety of marketing emails with our brand colors and fonts. 

Branded Gifs

Another part of our brand redesign is a set of branded gifs. Early in 2020 I realized many real estate brokerages and realtors were using unique gifs in their marketing on Instagram. I thought this would be a fun thing to incorporate into our new company brand. I worked with our designer to put together a series of GIFs which can be found on Giphy and Instagram by searching company keywords like “EXIT 1.”

Large marketing projects such as a complete brand redesign requires a lot of research. There is a wealth of information from industry influencers and insiders which can be essential to getting it right. If your company is thinking of a brand overhaul don’t skimp on the research process- the final results will be worth it!

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