My Content Marketing Quick Tips

I have always drawn on my background in journalism to do some of my best work in marketing. I have used skills I developed as a reporter and editor such as narrative writing, and visual storytelling to help build my content marketing philosophy. I’ve used this philosophy successfully throughout the past four years as the marketing coordinator for a Florida real estate company. My experience in the field has helped me develop some go to content marketing tips, which I have outlined below.

Localized Content Makes Deeper Connections

I have spent four years as the head of marketing for a Jacksonville, Florida real estate company and our content marketing has always been focused on local events, neighborhoods, business and people. Localized content results in a deeper connection with your target audience and provides more valuable information to them as well. One of the ways I use local-focused content marketing for my company is through the blog I created for them, Top of the Coast.

Our company blog

Research Industry Related Categories and Trends 

As a marketer in the real estate industry, I drawn upon a variety of categories for my content marketing agenda in the broader home industry. These categories include home improvement, DIY, interior design, cooking, gardening and real estate as a financial investment. I constantly get inspiration and ideas from viewing content from companies I admire in these related industries as well as other real estate companies. It’s an essential part of my creative process as a marketer. I was particularly inspired by Down East Magazine and it’s Maine Homes section when I created our company blog Top of the Coast.

Be Creative

Your audience is bombarded with information and content across a wide variety of platforms online every day. It is important to develop creative content if you’re going to stand out and capture attention. Also don’t be afraid to have fun and think outside the box when you plan and design your content because that type of attitude has produced some incredibly successful content for me in the past.

Keep Your Design True to Your Brand

Another important element of successful content marketing is having a cohesive brand design in which to package your content. Last year my company hired a designer to completely redesign the brand and the fonts, colors, logos and other elements are something I use to keep my content on brand. In addition to the visual design, factors such as the company’s brand values and mission statement should help guide the voice and tone of the content. My company is a fun, modern family oriented company and our content reflects that.

pictured: Company Brand Guide Highlights

Originality Stands Out

In today’s digital age sometimes being bold and taking an artistic risk stands out when it comes to content marketing. If you have a strong, solid brand identity you can work within that framework to push artistic boundaries and take smart risks with some of your content and the results- a viral video, buzz on social media, and increased engagement and or awareness of your brand may be well worth it!

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