How I’m Using Goal Setting, Data and Platforms to Implement My Company’s Most Important Marketing Campaigns of 2021

Goal Setting

I have been the marketing coordinator for a Florida real estate brokerage for over four years. One of my company’s most important goals is to recruit new real estate agents to our office. This year we met in early January for a corporate leadership summit and one of our breakout sessions was focused on our 2021 recruiting goals. As the head of marketing at the company I have put several different campaigns and tactics into our 2021 marketing plan to accomplish the goals we set in January. I have recently hit several benchmarks in implementing the plan. As we make progress, we have continued to meet weekly to analyze our campaign performance and continue to fine tune our goals. We have been able to do this by utilizing new data and platforms which have been highlighted below.


 We have used the following tools in order to build our target personas for our recruiting goals and to gain insights into what types of content and subjects they would be most likely to respond to.

Blue Ocean Data

We have used information gathered from an industry landscape of our performance with five of our key competitors from a Blue Ocean Strategy I ran where we found that our blue ocean points were our residuals program and our culture. These key subjects will be incorporated into the content of our email marketing campaigns.

Interview/Survey Data to Further Shape Our Target

We have conducted office wide in person interviews and sent out numerous surveys to our current agents using Google forms. We were able to gain some valuable information and insights about the sentiment of our current agents which confirms that our culture and extra incentives were the best things to focus on in our recruiting efforts.


We have also used SEO and keywords tools in our targeted Google Ads campaigns and on our YouTube, channel videos and I get most of that information using the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere

We have also used industry insiders’ information, such as real estate superstar and coach Brian Buffini, on how to successfully run a recruiting department at a real estate brokerage.

Platform Analytics

Lastly, we have run several ads on YouTube and Instagram aimed at targeting agent recruits to our recruiting landing page We have been able to use the analytics from Google Ads, Instagram and the backend of our website to measure each step of these campaigns. All of this information has led to an increasingly more efficient and effective recruiting effort by our company.


Email Marketing

We have recently made the switch from MailChimp to Flodesk for our email marketing. The design aesthetic of the platform is more appealing and we have been able to fully incorporate our brand in Flodesk. It has also been really easy to set up and build audience segments for all of our email campaigns. I also think the analytics in Flodesk are incredibly impressive. They are comprehensive, visually appealing and easy to use.


Third party data platforms

We have begun using the real estate data platform Re Datum in order to get contact information and data in order to find real estate agents in the area who have specific sales performance numbers from the past year. These agents are all sorted by the platform and exported into an excel spreadsheet that includes their contact information. I have been able to create email segment lists in our email marketing platform Flodesk, in order to craft email marketing campaigns targeted towards recruiting these groups of agents to our brokerage.

As the company heads toward the halfway point for our annual goals I am certain that we’re going to meet and possibly exceed the ones we set at the beginning of the year. I am excited to see months’ worth of research and work finally start to materialize- that’s an exciting time for a marketer!

  1. Hello Ashton, I have enjoyed not only the marketing information on your website, but it’s structure as well. It is easy to navigate and esthetically pleasing. Marketing is growing more and more each day and has really come to be something totally different since social media has entered the picture. Great job!


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