What I’ve Learned from My Most Recent Email Marketing Campaigns

One of my biggest projects in 2021 as the marketing coordinator at a Florida real estate brokerage has been establishing a new more compelling email marketing program. I have learned a lot recently through work on this project and I’ve provided a few key insights below. 

Spotlight Items of Value 

In my marketing campaigns I have found that the most effective strategy is to offer several unique items of most value and to present the item with the most at the top of the email. 

Images matter 

I recently did an A/B test on an email campaign where I examined the power an image has to affect the outcome of an email campaign. My test element was the email’s hero image.  The results revealed that there was a difference in the open and click through rates based on changing the image. This supports my argument that in email marketing images matter. I have also learned how important it is to use images that are true to your message and company brand. The more engaging the images in your email are, the more your main message is enhanced.

Package Your Content for Easy Consumption 

I have found that the content of an email campaign is most effective when it is presented as simple, edited down unique nuggets of information. This type of presentation makes it easier for your target audience to consume the information you present and hopefully, ultimately drives them to conversion. 

Stay True to Your Brand 

It is important that your emails stay true to your brand in their design elements, tone and personality. You want to make sure that brand stays consistent across all of your digital marketing channels, including your email marketing campaigns. 

A/B Test 

I mentioned earlier that I recently learned some valuable insights from some email marketing A/B tests I conducted. It is always a good idea to test the core elements of your email content and design to ultimately arrive at the most successful strategy. Many platforms provide a built-in tool to conduct A/B tests so it’s easy to utilize this valuable analytics tool. 

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