How the Art of Data Analytics Helps Me Target My Company’s Key Audiences

Interpreting the data can be considered an art form and this skill, which I have developed over my four years of experience as a marketer in the real estate industry, has provided me with some of the most useful wisdom to design and launch successful marketing campaigns. I have outlined a few examples below to showcase how valuable this skill is for marketers. 

One of the main business goals of my company is to recruit new real estate agents to our brokerage. However, there are many different types of real estate agents. The top producing agents are less likely to leave their current brokerage and the brand-new agents are less likely to succeed in the business. Therefore, our company developed a strategy to recruit current agents who are producing yet still have room to grow their business. I have had to utilize the art of analyzing data to find the best marketing strategy to do this. 

Our office subscribes to the real estate industry statistics database Redatum, Once I enter their database I am able to filter real estate agents in the Northeast, Florida area by their sales volume. The database gives us the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all agents in the area who performed in our target bracket of 2 million to 5 million dollars in sales in the past year. I created a segmented list with the email addresses inside the email marketing platform Flodesk, to craft an email marketing campaign that addresses several pain points this target group of agents may have. I was able to discern these pain points to address after developing a working knowledge of their needs from my years of working with agents in the industry. 

I have been able to artfully craft marketing campaigns with data analysis to target potential buyers and sellers as well. This group is another one of the most important target audiences for my company. The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is a professional association in my industry. NAR does an excellent job of providing data from extensive research they conduct on a variety of topics.

 I have been able to utilize data from NAR’s research to gain a better understanding of industry trends. This information helps me decide where to reach this target audience and also to discern what types of content will best gain their attention. NAR provides extensive profiles on this audience as well as reports on the latest statistics of how customers are searching for real estate services. 

The data NAR provides is extensive, but to accurately utilize this data is truly an art form. I have had to take advantage of my years of experience marketing in the real estate industry to best shift through the vast amount of data the organization provides monthly to craft the most effective campaigns.

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