Three Crucial Questions for Brand Storytelling

One of the benefits of having a journalism background is that I can discern what constitutes a great story. As a marketer, I constantly utilize the narrative writing skills I developed as a journalist.  I have been able to use this skill set as it relates to brand storytelling and I’ve highlighted a few ways I do this below. 

There are key questions marketers need to address when developing a successful brand story.  A brand narrative can communicate the answers to these questions in a variety of ways across multiple platforms. First of all, the story needs to convey what a brand has to offer. I have been the Marketing Coordinator at a Florida real estate brokerage, EXIT 1 Stop Realty, for four years. During this time I’ve endeavored to answer this question in their brand story as it relates to two of their key audiences. One of the brokerage’s key audiences is real estate customers. The company’s brand story for customers is focused on the idea that EXIT 1 Stop Realty has the Northeast Florida home experts. The content I publish to support this narrative showcases the company’s real estate expertise, ties to the local community and knowledge of the neighborhoods in the area. 

Another key audience for EXIT 1 Stop Realty is real estate agent recruits. The brand story for this audience  focuses on highlighting the unique culture and benefits agents at the brokerage office enjoy. I publish a variety of content that showcases this aspect of the brand story. For example yesterday I published part two of a YouTube video series where agents explain why they love being an EXIT 1 Stop agent. I also publish content that showcases the fun events, unique trainings and advanced offerings the company offers their agents on a regular basis. 

The brand narrative for my personal brand is centered around the idea that I offer unique marketing wisdom and insights. I use content that supports this brand story mostly through blog posts but I have also showcased this in email marketing campaigns, Google ads and videos in the past. 

The second question a well executed brand story addresses is how the brand will make their customer’s life better. I endeavor to do this at EXIT 1 Stop Realty by weaving the benefits of living in Northeast Florida and home ownership into their content. This content supports the brand narrative that purchasing a home in the company’s area of expertise will benefit a customer’s life. I do this for their agent recruit audience by showcasing their agents’ success and the fun their realtors have working at the brokerage. As far as my personal brand is concerned, I showcase how useful the wisdom I’ve learned has been in helping me craft successful marketing campaigns. 

The last question a well executed brand narrative needs to answer is why the customer needs to make a purchase decision about the brand. This question is answered for EXIT 1 Stop Realty’s customer audience by content which supports the brand story that they will help customers find the perfect home in Northeast Florida. It is answered for the agent recruit audience by showcasing why real estate agents will thrive in the company’s unique brokerage environment in the brand narrative. I answer this key question for my personal brand narrative by revealing to my audience that their life will be improved after they gain inspiration through my marketing wisdom and insights. 

A marketer should not dismiss the power of a well built brand story. Simply remember to keep those three key questions mentioned above in mind, and you will be well on your way to crafting a successful brand narrative! 

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