Optimizing a Brand with the Right Strategy and the Right Data

I have been the marketing coordinator at a Jacksonville real estate brokerage, EXIT 1 Stop Realty for four years. In 2020 I helped the company undergo a complete brand redesign. This project included a complete redesign of the look of our brand, a storefront and packaging redesign, and a complete web redesign. 

The company meets annually for a corporate retreat where we review progress for the year in multiple areas and set our company goals for the coming year. Next month we will be meeting for our 2021 retreat and I am planning to help facilitate a brand audit to further build and establish the company brand. Looking ahead to 2022, the company decided that along with the new company brand look, we also needed to further assess and establish other important aspects of the company brand. I am currently in the research phase as I plan to bring data to the company owners to help us in our brand audit. 

Market research is essential to help me gauge important data about the current state of our customer’s sentiments and perceptions of our brand. Our company has launched several brand awareness projects and new marketing campaigns this year in an attempt to build brand awareness in the community. In order to assess the success of these activities I am turning to survey data and building a social metrics map. 

One major project I am currently undertaking is an extensive survey of our current customers. I have just had the survey questions approved by the company owners and I am currently in the process of building the survey to send out in time to have results to review during our company retreat. 

My current research is an attempt to measure the success of the 2021 marketing projects by using the survey results and other metrics from our email marketing platform, social media and Google analytics. 

I am confident a month out from our corporate retreat that I’m finding the right data to bring to the table in order to help the company owners dive deep into their brand audit and that after this the company brand will be taken to the next level in 2022. 

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